Carla Duffey

By: Carla Duffey

These images were created from my personal need to want to do more than just take some photos. I wanted to create awareness about something I felt passionate about. As I learned more of the MMIWG movement and how Indigenous women, and children are treated when missing or murdered, I felt close to this cause. I personally connected to the story of Lisa Marie Young in my 20’s because at the time, it could have been me. I was living in Nanaimo as an art student at the time, in the same city she went missing from and walked those same areas that she went missing from. I have watched close friends lose loved ones to the opioid crisis and saw how people reacted to “another Indigenous overdoes death”. These women are being murdered by drug dealers with no justice for the family.

I have two son’s and teaching them to grow up and treat women and children with respect is vital to me. To create change we must inform the next generation to do better than the last