Safe Passage Stories

This space digitally commemorates and honours the stories and contributions of lost loved ones. Please take care when viewing their stories. You can find support here.


Carla Duffey

These images were created from my personal need to want to do more than just take some photos. I wanted to create awareness about something I felt passionate about

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Lucy Manniapik

This is to honour my late mother Martha, she was a strong resilient little woman.

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Gloria Thomson

My mother is a survivor of the residential school on Chesterfield Inlet in Nunavut. She was forced to attend Federal Day School in 1951 to 1960.

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Cleo Madonia Semaganis Nicotine

Making the CBC podcast “Finding Cleo” was truly a life changing experience, after so many decades of doors being slammed in our faces, when all we wanted to do was find our sister

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