My sister Cleo was lost in the Sixties Scoop

By: Cleo Madonia Semaganis Nicotine

Making the CBC podcast “Finding Cleo” was truly a life changing experience, after so many decades of doors being slammed in our faces, when all we wanted to do was find our sister.  In those decades, the reality of being a family of MMIWG2S was carved out day by day, experience by experience, and has left me today – grateful for the supports that are there, and very knowledgeable of the work that still needs to be done.

To this day, there is no National Database for MMIWG2S and there is a lot of resistance in the Justice System also.  We are viewed as runaways, and as less than in some circles.  Our people are just as important.  It is this reality that fuels my activism today, and I shall always make myself available to families that I know… will never stop searching for their loved ones.  Love never dies, and hope is a precious thing.